Marketing & sales

The BrandActivators

We have a squad of marketing experts at the service of over a hundred brands. They perform in-depth market analysis, pricing scenarios and yield management studies (including price surveys) to ensure that the distribution network is well balanced. A fleet of 41 trucks and a sale force using state-of-the-art mobile systems power the network. The team also crafts tailor promotions and communication strategies for all the major brands to ensure they remain top of mind.

The BrandActivation

Our client base consists of over 1800 clients across 4000 outlets equipped with synchronised order processing and optimised deliveries. Our endeavours are backed up regularly with reviews to ensure the best results for our customers and are supported by a fully dedicated team of merchandisers, hostesses, push girls and theatrical display concepts.

Our BrandActivation includes launching of campaigns through road shows, tastings, giveaways and events in supermarket’s surroundings.

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