About us

BrandActiv, an IBL Group company, specialises in commercialising a wide variety of fast-moving consumer goods in Mauritius, Madagascar and Seychelles. Our commercial activity is split into 3 business categories, namely Food & Beverage, Frozen & Chilled and Personal & Home Care.

BrandActiv Management Team
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Where do we come from

Our story testifies our determination to evolve and improve every day, in order to achieve our full potential.

  • 1830

    Ireland Fraser Ltd and Blyth Brothers & Co. Ltd were created and imported dry goods for distribution in local convenience stores.

  • 1900

    The Cold Storage company was launched and later renamed New Cold Storage Ltd, then IBL Frozen Foods. IBL Consumer goods is born from the merger of Blyth Brothers Consumer Foods and Ireland Fraser Consumer Goods.

  • 1930s-1960s

    International brands are introduced that will change the local consumer market for good. These include Kraft cheddar cheese, L’Oreal, Bic and Johnson&Johnson, among others.

  • 1970s-1990s

    Blyth Brothers & Co Ltd and Ireland Fraser Co Ltd merge to form Ireland Blyth Limited (IBL). This merger is significant, as IBL moves on to become one of the most recognized businesses in the country.

  • 2011

    IBL Consumer Goods and IBL Frozen Foods merge to become BrandActiv.

  • 2016

    BrandActiv becomes an official part of IBL Ltd following a merger in July between two leading companies in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean: GML Investissement and Ireland Blyth Limited (IBL).

  • 2019

    BrandActiv reveals its new logo and identity which reflect its passion, dynamism, flexibility and the drive to constantly go beyond boundaries.