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BIC Flex: A campaign that’s real sharp!

Inside the “Met Twa Zoli Garson” campaign
BrandActiv launched this year a very successful campaign for BIC Flex with a unique tone of voice.

On billboards or social media, the message was striking and reached its designated target audience.

Aimed at men, between 20 to 40 years old who are connected and trendy, the BIC Flex campaign used a humorous tone with colourful local Kreol expressions to appeal to this audience and essentially let them know that shaving is in.

“We are very excited by the enthusiastic response we’ve had so far with this campaign,” shares Vanessa Seblin, Brand Manager at BrandActiv. “We have had an incredible interest. The campaign helped increase awareness of the BIC Flex range of products and position BIC as a trendy brand.”

For men who want to be stylish, BIC positions itself as their grooming partner with a range of products whatever their choice:

  • BIC Flex as razor for your face, to shave clean or to groom or style your beard.
  • BIC Flex as razor for your body, you also have the choice to remove or not your hairs

"The key characteristics of the brand are comfort, convenience and quality," explains Vanessa. "BIC provides a perfect grooming with the safest, most comfortable shave and the sharp, sophisticated look you want to have." 

Beside the strong lifestyle message, BIC Flex also offers some real, practical benefits:

  • Individually-adjusting blades that are flexible: individually adjust to the contours of the skin for an ultra soft shave
  • Large ergonomic handles to have a better grip and for added control, for a comfortable shave
  • Pivoting head that adjusts to body sensitive areas and offers a better glide
  • Large lubricating strip with aloe vera and vitamin E for a better glide. Delivers a smooth and optimal shave
  • Extra thick rubber guard bar: better stretch of the skin for more precision
  • Flex 5 shaver is equipped with a metal balancing sphere that adds weight for better shave control. It has also a precision edging blade that helps reach those tricky spots like under the nose.
  • BIC Flex shaver is a product of choice: with great expertise and products adapted to every need - either to correct or to shave closely, and also for different types of hairs (thick or thin)