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Digital Transformation

BrandActiv embraces digital transformation, staying ahead of the game by leveraging new technologies to improve efficiency and quality of service.

In our objective to embrace the latest technologies and provide the best service at all times, BrandActiv set up a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program in 2013.

The software was upgraded in 2017 to allow us to enhance the Sales Force Automation (SFA) mobile application by enabling digitalisation of the merchandising field activities and geolocation.

A Business Intelligence (BI) model is also in place, using data collected from our field team, which gives our Business Managers real-time visibility and the opportunity to make informed decisions promptly.

These changes were ground-breaking: all of a sudden, BrandActiv was entirely interconnected, giving our clients, representatives and office staff all the tools to communicate and exchange information in the quickest and most efficient way.

Our efforts do not stop here. BrandActiv is actively working to remodel daily operations so we may stay ahead of the curve in the corporate digitalisation process. We are currently setting up our system to automatically digest and synthesise data to produce simplified reports according to the BI model.

Our digitalisation process has a unique endgame: to create a system that allows us to work in a collaborative, innovative and transparent way with our clients and partners by simplifying data collection and providing real-time access to it from multiple platforms.