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Greenfield’s Strategic Rebranding

Focus on the strategic rebranding of Greenfield, the leading frozen meat brand in Mauritius. 

“Greenfield has been around for 20 years and has managed to maintain top-of-mind awareness despite a growing competition and saturated market,” explains Vivian Imbert, Brand Manager at BrandActiv.

“In 2018 we decided to rebrand Greenfield in order to differentiate ourselves even more from competition. We also added colour-coding to the different types of meat for better market segmentation and to facilitate the customer’s choice, keeping in mind our top priority which is quality standards at affordable prices.”

BrandActiv chose to put its customers at the center of this rebranding campaign by asking them to participate in various events. With a new look, new tagline 'Meat we trust' and new logo, the objective was to make people feel even closer to the brand.

"We have chosen the tagline 'Meat we trust' to emphasise our promise of delivering quality products in full transparency, from sourcing to transforming and transporting in respect of hygiene standards and cold chain management," continues Vivian.

“Our aim is to keep our position in top-of-mind, be more present on the market to better satisfy our customers and be the go-to brand when people think of frozen meat. In other words be the undisputed No.1 in the category.”

Greenfield products are sourced from selected and trusted suppliers in Australia, New Zealand and India to propose a wide range of lamb, mutton, buffalo, beef and veal meat. Our products are carefully selected and transformed in our packing unit following strict HACCP norms.

In line with this rebranding and our desire to stay close to our customers, we are now present on social media with a dedicated Facebook page for the brand.