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The Story behind Mari Gajak

BrandActiv has recently launched its own local brand of typical Mauritian frozen snacks, Mari Gajak, amidst a growing demand for such products in the market.

Discover the idea, the concept and the journey so far.

Mari Gajak could be translated from Mauritian Creole to “super snack” and its secret lies in its name.  

It consists of a range of delicious samoussas, spring rolls, croquettes and patés produced locally and frozen for convenience.

“While the competition is fierce in the market, we saw an opportunity to create a strong brand and stand-out offering with Mari Gajak,” explains Brand Manager Ashley Gujadhur. “We wanted to bring to Mauritians a range of frozen snacks that will delight them with a promise of constant succulent taste and throughout availability during the year.”

While the Mari Gajak range proposes all the favourite traditional snack flavours, it also innovates with two new varieties: Samoussas Banane and Samoussas Ananas.

The brand has been carefully crafted, from a distinctive packaging to stand out from competition, to emphasis on manufacturing quality with an HACCP certified facility following strict hygiene norms. Mari Gajak is also a proud member of the Made in Moris association and is certified Halal.

“There has been a growing trend in Mauritius towards consumption of frozen food and most specifically of ready-made snacks,” shares Ashley. “With market research and consumer insight in hand, our team has devised the Mari Gajak offer to fulfil this growing demand and we are confident that the brand will firmly establish itself on the local market. We are very happy with the positive response we’ve had so far in supermarkets, and at various tasting events.”

Mari Gajak is available in most supermarkets in Mauritius and its full product range include: Samoussa Fromage, Samoussa Poulet, Samoussa Banane, Samoussa Ananas, Samoussa Poisson, Croquette Fromage, Croquette Poulet, Paté Veg, Paté Poisson, Samoussa Veg, Spring Roll Veg, Spring Roll Poulet, Spring Roll Fromage, Spring Roll Poisson and Gateaux Piment.